Super-small Programmable Logic Controller with Built-in DisplayVisual KV series


Base Unit, DC Type, 10 Inputs and 6 Transistor (Source) Outputs


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DC power supply type base unit

Input power supply voltage

Base unit

24 VDC (+ 10%, -20%)

Allowable instantaneous outage time

Less than 2 ms

General specifications

Internal current consumption (24 VDC conversion value)

Base unit

100mA or less

Expansion unit

KV-E4X 20mA or less KV-E8X 25mA or less KV-E16X 35mA or less KV-E4T 25mA or lessKV-E8T (P) 40mA or less KV-E16T 60mA or less KV-E4R 40mA or less KV-E8R 70mA or lessKV-E16TP 70mA or less KV-E4XT (P) 30mA or less KV-E4XR 45mA or less KV-E16R 110mA or less


Operator panel KV-D20: 60 mA or less KL link adapter KL-N10V: 35 mA or less Programming console KZ-P3: 65 mA or less

Environmental resistance

Operating temperature range

0 to 50°C 32 to 122°F (no freezing), 0 to 45°C 32 to 113°F (KZ-P3)

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85% RH (no condensation)

Shock resistance

Conforms to JIS C 0041, 150 m/s2 (15 G), operating time: 11 ms, 2 times in each of the 3 axial directions

Ambient operating atmosphere

Minimal amount of dust and corrosive gas present

Ambient temperature for storage

-20 to 70°C -4 to 158°F (no freezing)

Noise resistance

1,500 Vp-p or more, pulse width: 1 µs, 50 ns (by way of a noise simulator), conforms to EN standards (EN 61000-4-2/-3/-4/-6)

Insulation resistance

50 MΩ or more (tested with a 500 VDC megger, between the power supply terminal and the input terminal and between all the external terminals and the case)

Environmental resistance

Withstand voltage

1,500 VAC for 1 minute (between the power supply terminal and the I/O terminals and between all the external terminals and the case)


Base unit

Approx 180g

Expansion unit

KV-E4X: Approx 80 g, KV-E8X: Approx 100 g, KV-E16X: Approx 130 g, KV-E4T: Approx 80 g, KV-E8T (P): Approx 100 g, KV-E16T (P): Approx 130 g, KV-E4R: Approx 100 g, KV-E8R: Approx 130 g, KV-E16R: Approx 190 g, KV-E4XT (P): Approx 100 g, KV-E4XR: Approx 120 g

Vibration resistance

Intermittent vibration

Frequency: 10 to 57 Hz

Amplitude: 0.075 mm*1

Frequency: 57 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 9.8 m/s2*1



KZ-P3 Approx 230g KV-D20 Approx 160g KL-N10V Approx 80g

Vibration resistance

Continuous vibration

Frequency: 10 to 57 Hz

Amplitude: 0.035 mm*1

Frequency: 57 to 150 Hz

Acceleration: 4.9 m/s2*1

*1 Conforms to JIS B 3502, IEC61131-2
Number of sweeps: 10 times respectively in the X, Y, and Z directions, 80 minutes

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