3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

ML-Z9500 series

High Quality Marking

Character width and position can be kept constant for exceptionally sharp marking.

Spot diameter is kept uniform over the entire area

Spot diameter is kept uniform over the entire area

Traditionally, the spot size at the center and the edge of the marking area were different due to the artificial plane created by the fθ lens. ML-Z has solved this problem with 3-Axis laser control. High accuracy marking on any surface is guaranteed because of the uniform spot size.

Precise 3-Axis marking

Precise 3-Axis marking

The 3-axis control of the ML-Z Series enables sharp marking on surfaces that typically cause problems for conventional laser markers. Crisp, clear characters can be printed on stepped surfaces, inclines, cylinders, cones and more. Three axis marking makes distorted, chipped, or blurred characters a thing of the past!


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