Environment Resistant, Air-cooled High Power YAG Laser Marker

MD-H9800 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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MD-H9800 Series YAG Laser Marker. Highest speed, highest power, unsurpassed stability. Dust-proof Structure with an Air-cooled.

  • CE Marking


The MD-H incorporates an advanced dust-proof structure with a high power laser which has been continually improved since the release of our first YAG system.

    • Completely air-cooled YAG system
    • World's highest output
    • Environmental resistance performance
    • Worldwide specifications
    • Highly durable structure based on completely innovative ideas blocks dust and oil mist. Tough construction for continuously ensuring reliable marking performance under harsh environments (Conceptual image)

    • The MD-H does not require a water cooling system, cooling water, ion-exchange resin, filters or other consumable supplies common for conventional YAG laser markers.

    • The MD-H provides five times higher energy than conventional systems, allowing more intense emarks.

    • Create the Marking Image on your Personal Computer. Dedicated Software with Ultimate Usability.


  • MD-F3200/5200 series - 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

    A combination of best-in-class 50 W output and 3-Axis control. Once again, KEYENCE leads the way in cutting edge laser marking technology.


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