Telecentric Green Laser Marker

MD-T1000 series


Integrated telecentric lens - Uniform quality across entire Area micron level marking resolution

    • Large Diameter Telecentric Lens: Achieves a Uniform Beam Spot Beam in All Areas
    • ø20 μm (ø0.79 Mil) SHG Laser: Allows for Marking of 2D Codes with a Cell Size of 25 μm (0.98 Mil)
    • Ultra-High Rigidity Monocoque Body : Significantly Improved Accuracy and Stability, Eliminating Distortion During Installation
    • Thermopile Power Monitor : With No External Devices Necessary, Easy Power Measurement and Preventative Maintenance are a Standard Feature
    • Built-in Concentric Camera : Equipped with a High Mag Camera, Positioning can be Performed with Micron Level Accuracy.
    • Marking Builder 2 “Ver. 3” : Anyone can setup and edit marking with the Marking Builder 2 software package.


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