Image Dimension Measuring System

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By providing both overwhelming measurement speed and high measurement accuracy, the IM Series image dimension measurement system changes your measurement operations dramatically.

Case Studies

  • Measurement System
    LISI MEDICAL’s plant in Miribel, a French town just outside the city of Lyon, specialises in the outsourcing of surgical implants and ancillary items. Consisting primarily of plates and screws, these parts require precision manufacturing and are inspected by the plant’s metrology department. The typical tolerances are in the order of 0.1 to 0.05 mm.

  • Measurement System
    The renowned jewel-bearing specialist uses KEYENCE’s IM Series Instant Measurement system to improve the repeatability and rate of its inspections.

  • Measurement System
    Thanks to KEYENCE’s IM Series instant measurement system, SPPF’s operators measure the dimensions of extrusions without any risk of variability. As a result, the company has optimize the quality of its products and established processes for analyze production deviations.

  • Measurement System
    Since 1950 Mi-Me has specialized in the production of precision blanked parts: arc welded contacts, assembled parts, co-molded parts, etc. exported to major markets worldwide.

  • Measurement System
    Schnöring GmbH was founded in 1925 by Karl and Ernst Schnöring as a manufacturer of technical springs. To this day, this innovative company located in Schalksmühle, is still a family business, now in its third generation. In the 85 years of the company’s history, it has acquired a wealth of experience and know-how in the field of springs, stamped and bent parts, and assemblies. It now applies this to the manufacturing and development of high-precision, high-quality products. Customers benefit from Schnöring´s proven, made-to-measure, and economical solutions gained from working effectively with the customer.

  • Measurement System
    Aerospace manufacturers demand the highest precision – even down to the smallest bolt. Fastener Depot Inc. in Diamond Springs, California, is a privately held distributor of inserts, fasteners, and electronic hardware that specializes in unusual and hard-to-find items for high-tech OEMs in the aerospace and defense sectors. The company fills the needs of this niche market by placing the utmost priority on its inspection and quality processes.

  • Measurement System
    Multi-tools are made up of many parts, and Image Dimension Measuring Systems make inspecting them all faster and easier.

  • Measurement System
    Timex is America's leading watchmaker and is present in more than 80 countries. Fralsen, its French entity, makes watch movements and used contact sensors and conventional comparators and was looking for a way to improve their inspection process.

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