High Accuracy Contact Type Digital Display Displacement SensorAT-V series


Sensor Head

[Discontinued model]

This model has been discontinued.

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Measurement range

±0.5 mm±0.02"

Range of motion

2 mm0.079"


0.1 µm 0.004 Mil*1


±0.15% of F.S.*2

Mechanical responsiveness

40 Hz

Measurement power

0.88 N*3

The temperature characteristics

0.01 % of F.S./°C*4

Environmental resistance

Operating temperature range

-10 to +80°C 14 to 176°F (no freezing)

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Storage structure



Approx 90 g*6

*1 The minimum readout value when the head is connected to the controller with the average count set to “64”.
*2 “F.S.” indicates the measurement range.
*3 Indicating the measurement power typical value at the zero point. Note that the measurement power varies depending on the attachment condition of the dust boot.
*4 Indicating the typical value at a temperature of 0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F.
*5 The relay amplifier is not included.
*6 Including the weight of the sensor cord.

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