General Purpose Digital Contact SensorGT series


Sensor Head, Air Cylinder Model


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Measuring range

10 mm 0.39"


3 µm 0.12 Mil*1

Measurement force

Downward mounting

1.0 N*2

Side mounting

0.9 N*2

Upward mounting

0.8 N*2

Number of sliding cycles

3000000 cycles

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP67 *3

Operating temperature range

0 to +55°C 32 to 131°F

Operating ambient humidity

35 to 85%RH

Applied pressure range

0.35 to 0.5 MPa

Pressure resistance

1.0 MPa


Main body case: TYPE430 Stainless steel,Cylinder: Aluminum alloy,Air joint resin part: Polyacetal,Air joint metallic part: Brass nickel plating,Indicator: Polyarylate, Dust boot: NBR,Contact: TYPE304 Stainless steel, Cable: PVC


Approx150 g (With 2-m 6.6' connector

*1 At ambient temperature of 23°C 73.4°F. Read value in the central measuring position when 100 ms is set as the
response time.
*2 The value near the center.
*3 To prevent entry of foreign objects from the exhaust joint, connect the air tube to the exhaust joint.

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