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Measurement Sensors

Non-contact, high precision laser distance sensors, position sensors and measurement sensors.

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Single point laser triangulation measurement sensors for measuring distance and position with high speed, accuracy and precision.

2D and 3D laser scanner / profilers for measuring height, step, area, angle, radius, point to point, point to line and more

1D and 2D Laser scan and optical micrometers gauge diameter, pitch, width angle roundness, positionn and radius.

Surface scanning laser confocal displacement sensor uses a 2 µm beam spot for glass, mirrored and multi-layered targets

Fiberoptic LED displacement meters with 1 nm resolution and a Ø2mm sensor head. Sample at 5 kHz with up to six measurement points.

High-speed measurements of metal targets. Distance, runout, thickness, positioning, and eccentricity.

High precision and highly durable detection with up to 0.1 micron resolution. Connect multiple units for calculation or comparison.

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