High-speed optical micrometerLS-9000 series


Sensor Head With Monitor Function


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with monitor camera

Measurement range

0.3 mm (0.08 mm) to 30 mm 0.01" (0.003") to 1.18"

Smallest detectable object

0.3 mm (0.08 mm) 0.01" (0.003")

Transmitter/receiver distance

160 ±40 mm 6.3" ±1.57"


±0.1 µm 0.000004"*2

Measurement accuracy

±2 µm 0.000079"*3

Sampling cycle

16,000 samples/sec.*4

Transmitter/receiver direction and position detection

Detection area

20 × 24 mm 0.79" x 0.94"

Smallest detectable object

0.3 mm 0.01"


±0.2 mm 0.01"*5

Sampling cycle

4,000 samples/sec.

Light source

InGaN green LED

Monitor camera



Current consumption

with monitor camera

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP67 (including connector)

Ambient light

Incandescent lamp/Fluorescent lamp: 3,000 lux or lower

Ambient temperature

0 to +50 °C 32 to 122 °F

Relative humidity

20 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm 0.06", 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

15 G/6 ms




Transmitter: Approx. 440 g
Receiver: Approx. 500 g
Base: Approx. 430 g

*1 The values in brackets are measured in ultra-thin mode.
*2 A ±2σ margin of error when measuring a ø10 mm ø0.39" rod in the center of the measurement area using outer diameter mode with the average measurement number set as 2048 times.
*3 Margin of error when a moving ø10 mm ø0.39" rod is measured in the 10 mm × 20 mm 0.39" × 0.79" measurement area using outer diameter mode.
*4 The sampling cycle is changed by the number of OUT set, and by the use of the mutual interference prevention function.
*5 The value of ±2 when the outer diameter of a rod ø10 mm 0.39" is measured at the center of the measuring area while the number of averaging measurements is set to 512.

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