High-speed optical micrometerLS-9000 series


Controller PNP Type


Select Language



No. of connectable sensor heads


Head compatibility






USB 2.0 HI-SPEED supported (USB 1.1 Full-SPEED compatible)


Measured value output, control I/O, setting change, baud rate can be selected up to 115,200 bps

Display and settings panel interface

LS-D1000 Max. four heads connectable


Minimum display unit

0.01 µm

Display range

±99999.99 µm to ±9999.9 mm

LED display

POWER ON indicator, ERROR indicator

Input terminal block

Encoder input

NPN open collector output/PNP open collector output (5V / 12V / 24V) line driver output

Synchronous 1, 2 input

Voltage input

Auto-zero 1, 2 input

Reset 1, 2 input

Storage trigger input

Storage enable input

Storage data clear input

Statistics 1, 2 input

Statistics clear 1, 2 input

Program selection input

Voltage input × 4 inputs

Output terminal

Analog voltage output

±10 V × 2 outputs, output impedance100 Ω

Analog current output

4 to 20 mA × 2 outputs, compatible load max. 350 Ω

Universal output

PNP open-collector output x 10 outputs
Measured value and tolerance judgment output,
status output allocatable

Status 1, 2 output

PNP open-collector output

Total judgment output

Memory FULL output

Strobe 1, 2 output

Error output

PNP open-collector output (N.C.)


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10%, including ripple (P-P)

Current consumption.

When LS-HA100 not used: 1.0 A max. when 1 head connected; 1.3 A max. when 2 heads connected
When LS-HA100 in use: 1.8 A max. when 3 heads connected; 2.1 A max. when 4 heads connected*3


Ambient temperature

When LS-HA100 not used: 0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F
When LS-HA100 in use: 0 to +45°C 32 to 113°F

Operating Ambient humidity

20 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Approx 1,500 g

*1 PNP open-collector output rating: 50 mA max. (30 V max.), residual voltage of 1 V max.
*2 Voltage input rating: Input max. voltage 26.4 V, min. ON voltage 10.8 V, OFF current 0.6 mA max.
*3 Add the current consumption values for all units when connecting the display settings panel and expansion units.

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