LS-9000 seriesHigh-speed optical micrometer


Display Panel


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Current consumption

0.19 A max.


0.19 A or less

Operation input interface

Numeric keypad, function key, lock key
timing input key, zero input key, reset input key, escape key,
arrow keys (4)

Display and settings panel connection port


Display interface

Measured value display

Measured value display: 2 colors, 8 digits, 16 segments
OUT number display: Monochrome, 2 digits, 7 segments
Tolerance judgment display: HH, HI, GO, LO, LL. Monochrome
Control status display: TIM, ZERO indicator. Monochrome

Program number display

Monochrome, 2 digits, 7 segments

Position monitor display

1D display: 2 colors, 32 levels
2D display: Monochrome, 7 x 7 matrix display

Display update cycle

5 times/sec.

Power supply

Supplied from the controller


Current consumption.

0.19 A or less

Enclosure rating

IP65 (When panel attached, front surface only)

Environmental resistance

Operating temperature range

0 to +50°C 32 to 122°F

Operating ambient humidity

20 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Approx 400 g

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