Spectral-Interference Wafer Thickness MeterSI-F80R series


PC Software, Not Subject to Export Control


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Applicable OS

Windows Vista*1/ Windows XP*2/
Windows 2000 Professional*3


Expansion controller*4

Required free space on hard disk

1 GB or larger

Required display

1024 x 768 pixels, 24-bit full colour or better


Pentium III, 1 GHz or higher (1.7 GHz or higher is recommended)

Memory capacity

256 MB or higher (1 GB or more is recommended)

PC interface

1 GB or larger

*1 Ultimate, Business, Home Premium and Home Basic editions are supported.
*2 Professional SP2 and later versions and Home Edition SP2 and later versions are supported.
*3 SP4 and later versions are supported.
*4 Up to four expansion controllers can be connected to the main controller.

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