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VHX-700F series

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Microscopes (Base Model) VHX-700F

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The VHX-700F allows users to leverage the main functions of the VHX-2000, such as Depth Composition and 3D Display, while offering the same image quality and primary measurement capabilities.

    • 2.11 million pixel handheld camera
    • Full-focus imaging
    • Included measurement and documentation software
    • All-in-One-Design
    • 2.11 Million Pixel Handheld Camera

      This high-resolution, compact camera enables you to view and capture sharp images from any angle, without having to destroy or manipulate your sample.

    • Full-focus Imaging

      Using our Depth Composition function, you can capture a fully-focused image by simply adjusting the focus dial, even for targets with  uneven surfaces.

    • On-Board 500 GB HDD

      The unit is equipped with a 500 GB hard disk drive, capable of storing approximately 2,100,000 images (when using image compression). You can easily upload files to a computer over a network.

    • Diverse and Versatile Range of Imaging Functionality

      With our proprietary focusing software, you can take images with different focal points and construct a 3D image. This enables you to better understand the surface structure of your sample that may otherwise be difficult to grasp with a two dimensional image.

    • Optimal Contrast

      Perfect for imaging samples with areas that are too bright or dark, the Optimal Contrast function automatically adjusts the contrast of these regions without affecting the rest of the image.

    • All-in-One Design

      The VHX-700F is designed to be a standalone unit, capable of performing observation, recording, and measurement without the need for an additional PC.

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