True Superiority

Remote Display

With conventional scanners, it is very difficult to monitor the scanner's status while the machine is operating. This is no longer a concern with the detachable SZ-V Display Unit which enables users to easily monitor the scanner without stopping the machine. 

Connecting up to three units in series is also possible with the SZ-V Series. Additionally, the remote display allows the monitoring of all three scanners on a single device.

Improvements and Innovations

The SZ-V has made improvements to the conventional scanner, as well as introduced new functionality to optimize machine guarding.

System Memory
When replacing a unit, the original
settings can be easily transferred using
the system memory plug.

CRC Code
This 4 digit code is located in the
software and on the display to verify no
changes have been made to the settings.

Network Compatibility
The SZ-V supports various networking
options to enable remote monitoring.

2 Scanners 1 Unit
With two sets of OSSD’s, the SZ-V can
protect two independent zones
simultaneously, saving costs and wiring.

Muting Function
The built-in muting function ensures high
productivity and efficiency, while still
maintaining a safe working environment.

96 Programable Profiles
Provide precise control of AGV/AGC
operations using 32 banks, each with
1 protection zone and 2 warning zones.