FS-N series (FS-neo)

Digital Fiber Optic Sensors


In addition to its MEGA power, the FS-N Series (FS-neo) introduces unprecedented setup ease with one click operation.

    • Just Released: Water Resistant IP66 Fiberoptic Amplifiers
    • Complete Setup with Just One Click
    • Automatic maintenance
    • High power reduces labor hours
    • World's Most Powerful Beam: 250x conventional Model
    • World's Most Accurate: Detects wire as small as ø0.6 μm
    • World's Highest Ambient-light Resistance: 30,000 lux


  • FU series - Fiber Unit

    Complete line of fiber units from Unbreakable Fiber, Long-distance and small spot. Select the type best suited to your application

  • NU series - Network Communication Unit

    Dramatic reduction in wiring and installation time. Only a single communication cable is required between the PC/PLC and the NU Series for wiring.

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