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Fiber Optic Sensors

FU Series

FS-N Series

FU Series

Series Lineup

7 series listed below (including DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Series:

Fiber Units

FU series - Fiber Unit

Complete line of fiber units from Unbreakable Fiber, Long-distance and small spot. Select the type best suited to your application


FS-N series (FS-neo) - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

In addition to its MEGA power, the FS-N Series (FS-neo) introduces unprecedented setup ease with one click operation.

FS-V30 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

The new MEGA-Power, MEGA-Easy and MEGA-Stable FS-V30 digital fiber optic sensor. High power beam for stable detection in harsh environments.

FS-V20 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

The FS-V20 dual display amplifier allows users to view both the Preset and Current Values. Function layout is simple and reliable

FS-V10 series - Digital Fiber Optic Sensors

Digital Amplifier supporting wire-saving

FS-V/T/M series (FS01) - Manual-Calibration Fiberoptic Sensor

FS01 series fiber optic sensors and Tough-Flex optical fibers offer an extraordinary range of performance benefits.

FS series - Fiber Photoelectric Sensors

Widely-accepted Fiberoptic Sensor

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