Laser Sensors

LR-Z Series

LR-T Series

Product Lineup

12 series listed below

8 series listed below

Discontinued Series:

Self-contained Laser Sensors

LR-T series - All - Purpose Laser Sensor

Laser sensor capable of stable detection regardless of target (detectable distance: 6cm to 5m)

LR-Z series - Self-contained CMOS Laser Sensor

Laser sensor capable of detecting targets based on both position and contrast (detectable distance: up to 500mm)

Separate Amplifier Laser Sensors

LV-N series - Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

Long range & visible beam spot for a wide variety of applications

Discontinued Series

Replaced by IL series

Replaced by IL series

Separate Amplifier CMOS Laser Sensors

GV series - Digital CMOS Laser Sensor

Detect small differences in position with two independent discrete outputs

IA series - CMOS Analog Laser Sensor

Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable Laser Measurement Simplified. KEYENCE brings you an economical analog laser sensor

IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analog Laser Sensor

A Variety of Uses at Low Cost, Compact and Lightweight Laser Displacement Sensor

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