Digital Laser SensorLV series


Amplifier Unit, Expansion Unit, PNP

[Discontinued model]

This model has been discontinued.

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PNP output

Main unit/expansion unit

Expansion unit (1 line)

Control output

PNP open-collector x 2 channels, 30 VDC max., 100 mA, max. residual voltage (1.0 V max.)

Response speed

FINE : 80 µs , TURBO : 500 µs , SUPER : 4 ms

Number of interference
preventive units

FINE : No device (0) , TURBO : 2 units , SUPER : 4 units*1

Detection mode

Light intensity distinction / edge detection

Protection circuit

Reversed polarity protection, over-current protection, surge absorber

Unit expansion

Up to 7 additional expansion units can be installed (8 units including the main unit),


Power voltage

12 to 24 VDC ripple (P-P) 10% max. (For the LV-52/52P, the power supply voltage is supplied from the main unit.)

Power consumption

1.5 W max. (125 mA max. for 12 V, 62.5 mA max. for 24 V)


Ambient temperature

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Environmental resistance

Operating ambient humidity

-10 to 55°C <color>14 to 131°F</color>, No freezingWhen several units are connected, the ambient temperature requirement varies depending on the total number of units connected.
When 2 to 5 units: -10 to +50°C <color>14 to 122°F</color>
When 6 to 7 units: -10 to +45°C <color>14 to 113°F</color>
When connecting several units, be sure to mount the units to a metallic DIN rail. Make sure that the output current does not exceed 20 mA.</foot>


Main unit




Approx 75 g

*1 To connect several units they must be mounted on a METAL DIN rail. Ensure that the output current is 20 mA max. With several units connected, the allowable ambient temperature range varies as follows :
When 2 to 5 expansion units are additionally installed : -10 to +50ºC (14 to 122ºF).
When 6 or 7 expansion units are additionally installed : -10 to +45ºC (14 to 113ºF).

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