Digital Laser Sensor

LV series

LV-H32 Long Distance Laser Sensor Head

Long Distance Sensing with an Adjustable Beam Spot

Long Distance, Adjustable Beam Spot

Regardless of your target distance, you can easily adjust the beam spot to meet your application needs.

Long Range of 1000 mm for More Flexible Installation

The LV-H32 Series offers a detection range of 1000 mm, which is 30 times greater than any conventional KEYENCE model. This results in greater flexibility when choosing the installation position of the sensor. There is no longer any need to use complicated fixtures or worry about where to locate sensors.

Long Range Focus

The focal distance of the spot can be freely adjusted according to the application.

Semiconductor Laser Light Source

By using semiconductor laser as a light source, it allows the LV series to form a sharp beam spot even at a long distance. Even when mounted far away from the target, the LV series can accurately detect and differentiate that which would have been impossible with a sensor using a LED as a light source.


Keyence LV-H32 series

Keyence LV-H32 series

Differentiation of Wire Colors in a Harness

The focus can be adjusted for a desired distance, allowing for flexible sensor mounting.

Keyence LV Series

Keyence LV Series

Detecting workpieces in a press

A sensor can not be mounted near the press because it will interfere with the manual positioning of parts. The LV's long distance detection is accurate and does not obstruct the operation.

Keyence LV-H32 series

Keyence LV-H32 series

Detecting Wafer Rings

With the long detecting distance and adjustable beam spot dia-meter, the LV-H32 eliminates the need for changeover adjustment even when the diameter of a wafer changes.

Keyence LV Series

Keyence LV Series

Detecting Thin Pins

By using a laser as a light source, the The LV-H32's offers a bright beam spot, allowing for easy setting.







Straight-beam coaxial

Adjustable beam spot

Ultra-small beam spot

FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10

Class II

Light source

Visible red semiconductor laser


3.0 mW (FDA), 1.0 mW (IEC)


660 nm

Detecting distance


150 mm 5.91"

30 to 250 mm 1.181" to 9.842"

70 ±15 mm 2.76" ±0.59"


300 mm 11.81"

30 to 500 mm 1.181" to 19.685"


600 mm 23.62"

30 to 1000 mm 1.18" to 39.37"

Pulse duration

3.5 µs


Class II


Ambient temperature

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

Environmental resistance

Operating ambient humidity

-10 to +55˚C 14 to 131°F, No freezing



Glass reinforced plastic *1

Lens cover

Transparent plastic

Acrylic *2

Glass *2


Approx 45 g

*1 Norbornene plastic or acrylic
*2 The LV-H32 and the LV-H37 receivers are polyarylate.


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