Network Communication UnitNU series


Communication Unit DeviceNet™ Compatible


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Sensor connection

Connectable sensors

Sensor amplifier that supports N-bus*1

Number of connectable units

16 maximum*2

Allowable passing current

Total: 1,200 mA or less*3

Number of connectable units

16 units max. *4

DeviceNet™ specifi cations

Compliant functions

I/O Message (polling), Explicit Message

Address setting

0 to 63 (PGM compatible)

Baud rate (automatically switched)

500 kbps, 250 kbps, 125 kbps

Maximum cable length

500 kbps

thick cable

100 m 32.81'

thin cable

250 kbps

thick cable

250 m 820.21'

thin cable

100 m 32.81'

125 kbps

thick cable

500 m 1640.42'

thin cable

100 m 32.81'


Power voltage

11 to 25 VDC *5

Power consumption

1480 mW or less (at 24 V, 60 mA max.) *6


Instruction manual, DeviceNetTM connector, End unit


Approx. 65 g (including connectors)


Main unit case and dust cover: Polycarbonate, DeviceNetTM connector: Polyamide (plug), PBT (socket)

*1 "N-bus" is the name of KEYENCE's wiring-saving system for sensor amplifiers.
*2 This varies depending on the connected sensor amplifiers.
*3 This is the current that can be supplied to this unit or to the sensor amplifier linked to this unit.
*4 Depends on the sensor amplifi ers connected.
*5 Power to the NU-DN1 is supplied from the DeviceNetTM communication power supply. The same power is also supplied to all sensor amplifi ers connected, via the NU-DN1.
*6 Exclusive of the current supplied to the sensors connected.

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