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Photoelectric Sensors

LR-W Series

LR-T Series

Product Lineup

21 series listed below

19 series listed below

Discontinued Series:

Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors

LR-W series - Self-Contained Full-Spectrum Sensor

Detect any appearance differences (including color)

LR-T series - All - Purpose Laser Sensor

Laser sensor capable of stable detection regardless of target (detectable distance: 6cm to 5m)

AI series - Pattern Matching Sensor

Detect targets over an area when position is not fixed, reflection is unstable, or to differentiate products.
Because this sensor detects an entire area, even targets that are misaligned or rotated can easily be detected.

LR-Z series - Self-contained CMOS Laser Sensor

Laser sensor capable of detecting targets based on both position and contrast (detectable distance: up to 500mm)

PR-M/F series - Self-contained Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

Compact, stainless, simple

PR-G series - Revolutionizing general-purpose photoelectric sensors

Robust, oil-resistant, high-power

PZ-G series - Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors

General-purpose photoeye sensors

PZ-V/M series - Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors

Automatic calibration type. Virtually eliminates all detection and stability problems inherent with conventional photoelectric sensors

Discontinued Series

Replaced by PR-G series

Replaced by PR-G series

Separate Amplifier Photoelectric Sensors

PS-N series - Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor

Separate amplifier photoelectric sensors employing a variety of sensor heads; including ultra-thin compact and chemical-resistant variations.

PX series - Heavy-duty Photoelectric Sensors

Highly robust, oil resistant, stainless housing and MEGA power

RGB Color Sensors

CZ-V20 series - RGB Digital Fiberoptic Sensors

Color, UV, and luster/gloss detection

CZ series - RGB Digital Fiberoptic Sensors

Digital, RGB fiber optic sensor with 2-color digital display and 3 sensing modes. Detects targets conventional sensors cannot.

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