Handheld Probe Coordinate
Measuring Machine
XM Series


Comparisons with Conventional Coordinate Measuring Machines

Conventional Machine

Comparison 1

Requires substantial initial investments
  • Requires a large installation space
  • Requires compressors to be installed
  • Some environments require the floor to be reinforced
  • Requires temperature control for the measurement room

Comparison 2

Operation mastery
  • Careful part fixturing every time a program is run
  • Measurements can vary depending on the probe's touch speed
  • A dedicated operator is generally assigned to the system

Comparison 3

Difficult to handle
  • The probe can move only along the X, Y, and Z axes
  • Calibration is required every time the orientation is changed
  • Probe replacement requires additional hassle

Comparison 4

Poor maintainability
  • Requires maintenance as moving parts for the X, Y, and Z axes deteriorate
  • During calibration, the machine is in the hands of the calibration operator, stopping measurements
  • Calibration time can be a full day

XM Series

Only requires installation
  • Can be installed on a desk
  • Only requires 100 VAC
  • Can be used at temperatures ranging from 10 to 35°C
Can be used immediately
  • Measurement points can be checked with guided measurement images
  • Guided setup causes no variation among operators
  • The same measurement is possible by everyone through shared settings
  • The handheld probe allows for flexible movement
  • Probe orientation can be changed as long as the probe markers are visible by the camera
  • Two probes can be connected simultaneously for various styli utilization
Reliable support
  • Maintenance is unnecessary because there are no moving parts
  • A temporary unit can be used free of charge during calibration
  • Reliable support though KEYENCE's direct sales system

Please refer to the catalog for more detailed specifications of the unit.

XM Series Product Catalog


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