Handheld Probe Coordinate
Measuring Machine
XM Series



What are the differences from conventional coordinate measuring machines?
Compared with conventional gantry-type machines, you can access workpieces from a wider angle thanks to the camera and handheld probe used in the XM Series.
In addition, handling is easier due to a smaller probe than those used in arm-type machines, and maintenance is unnecessary because no moving parts are used.
How does the system recognize where the probe is located in 3D space?
The monocular measurement camera recognizes the probe markers to calculate the position and orientation of the probe tip.
Can I replace the stylus on the tip?
Yes. You can change the type, the tip diameter, and the orientation.
Do I need to replace the stylus every time?
No. Two types of stylus can be used without replacement because two probes can be connected simultaneously.
Can I move it throughout the facility if necessary?
Yes, the XM Series is portable.

Please refer to the catalog for more detailed specifications of the unit.

XM Series Product Catalog


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