Handheld Probe Coordinate
Measuring Machine
XM Series


The power of a CMM, in the palm
of your hand

Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine


While performing accurate measurements, conventional coordinate measuring machines have many efficiency-related drawbacks such as space requirements, strict part fixturing, and complex programming. The XM Series solves these problems by achieving high-precision measurements while making measurments easier.

Three Reasons Why The XM Series is Easy to Use

1Handheld probe that can be operated with one hand

The camera and handheld probe are based on our spatial recognition technology that allows high-precision 3D measurement. This lightweight probe can be operated easily with just one hand, allowing anyone to quickly start 3D measurement.

2Fifteen-inch LCD that displays menus in color

Just select measurement parameters (elements, GD&T) displayed in color and measure a target to complete programming. The XM Series requires no previous knowledge of programming for CMM setup, so anyone can perform 3D measurement.

3Image-based navigation between measurement points

Experience a new style of coordinate measurement — simply touch the target with the probe while following the interactive visual guide on the screen.
The XM Series provides intuitive 3D measurement which is unaffected by variation in measurement points among operators.

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