Handheld Probe Coordinate
Measuring Machine
XM Series


Applications: Support for a Wide Variety of Environments

  • Installation next to a manufacturing line
  • Installation in a maintenance facility
  • Installation in an office
  • Installation in a machine shop

Designed to facilitate installation in any desired location

Operating environment: 10-35°C and 20-80%RH
The XM Series utilizes an ultra-robust camera that has been developed to minimize measurement errors caused by temperature change. This has dramatically improved the flexibility of installation in various environments, reducing time lost while waiting for measurement at the worksite and improving work efficiency.
Maintenance-free design with no mechanical parts
The XM Series does not require costly regular maintenance to maintain its performance. A new design using no mechanical parts ensures precise and repeatable performance without the need for maintenance.

Please refer to the catalog for more detailed specifications of the unit.

XM Series Product Catalog


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