Handheld Probe Coordinate
Measuring Machine
XM Series




Model Measuring unit XM-1000/XM-T1000*1
Display resolution Distance 1μm
Angle 0.0001 degree
Camera Image pickup device 4 mega pixel CMOS image sensor
Light-receiving region Near-infrared
Interface Switch Power switch
LED Status LED (Power)
USB USB 2.0 Series A: 3 ports
Controller Dedicated cable (display, measuring unit, camera, power)
Probe 2 inputs
Console Dedicated console input
External remote input Non-voltage input (with and without Tangent Point): 2 inputs
Display unit Size 15" LCD
Resolution XGA (1024 × 768)
Stage Target securing mechanism Target can be secured simply using optional securing plate. A commercially-available stage can also be used.
Withstand load 25kg
Power supply Power supply voltage Supplied from controller
Connector type Dedicated connector
Weight   28.2 kg (including camera and cable)
Environment Operating temperature 10 to 35°C 50 to 95°F
Operating humidity 20 to 80%RH (No condensation)
Dimensions W × H × D 368 × 592 × 752 mm 14.49" × 23.31" × 29.61" *2
  1. *1. No. of probes included when shipped - XM-1000: 1; XM-T1000: 2
  2. *2. Calibration/adjustment is unnecessary because no moving parts are used.


Item Subitem Specification
Measuring mode   Run/Program/Statistics & Analysis/Single Measurement
No. of configurable elements   200 (excluding comment elements)
Maximum measurement points   50 points (per element)
Basic measurements Measurement between elements Distance/Angle/Calculate
Basic measurement elements Plane/Line/Point/Circle/Cylinder/Cone/Sphere
Particular measurement elements Raw Point/Ellipse/Single Point Circle/Stepped Cylinder/Round Slot/Rectangular Slot/Corner Arc/Chamfer Line
Virtual figures Point Midpoint/Tangent Point/Intersection/Perpendeicular/Numerical Input/Element Specification
Line Median Line/Tangent Line/Intersect Line/Projection Line/Numerical Input/Element Specification
Plane Median Plane/Parallel Plane/Numerical Input/Element Specification
Circle Intersect Circle/Numerical Input/Element Specification
GD&T Form Flatness/Roundness/Straightness/Cylindricity
Orientation Parallelism/Perpendicularity/Angularity
Location Position/Concentricity - Circle/Concentricity - Cylinder
Coordinate system Creation Simple Coordinate/Type A Coordinate/Type B Coordinate/Specified Coordinate
Change Base Plane Settings/Fit Axis to Point/Fit Axis to Line/Rotate Axis/Fix Axis to Offset Point/Set Origin/Reset Coordinate
Work adjust Work Adjust
Simplified measurements Distance Plane - Point Height/Plane - Plane Distance/Hole - Hole Distance
Angle Dihedral Angle/Edge to Edge Angle
Diameter Diameter/Pitch Circle Diameter/Lower Diameter/Upper Diameter
Position Hole Position/V Groove
Other   Comment/Other Result
Batch configuration   Batch Configuration of Tolerance/Batch Configuration of Output Items & Display/Batch Configuration of Guided Measurement Images/List Editing
No. of measurement macro settings   100
No. of probe settings   10
No. of averaging measurements   1, 2, 4, 8 or 16
Measurement position check   Possible
Print/file output   Inspection Specification/Single Report/Single Report (with Guided Measurement Images)/Screen Image/Diagram Display Image/Probe Camera Image/CSV Output
Import/export   Move/Copy/Delete


Model Controller XM-1500
Interface Measuring unit Dedicated cable
Communication(external communication) RS-232C
USB 2.0 Series A: 6 ports (Front: 2, rear: 4)
LAN RJ-45 (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T)
Video Built-in display: RGB
External display: DVI-D
Power supply   100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 250 VA max.
Dimensions W × H × D 174 × 344 × 322 mm 6.85" × 13.54" × 12.68"
Weight   7.7kg
Operating environment Temperature 10 to 35°C 50 to 95°F

Please refer to the catalog for more detailed specifications of the unit.

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