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Feature 2

Increase image clarity with high-resolution HDR

Using advanced technology only available through KEYENCE,
the VHX-5000 obtains a high-resolution image using short-wavelength light,
and the HDR function captures high-color gradation images
at different exposures and then compiles them into a single image.

Normal observation of IC (1500x)

High-resolution HDR observation of IC (1500x)


Feature 2-1

How is resolution improved beyond normal
white-light microscopes?

By using a shorter wavelength light,
high-resolution images that otherwise might not be viewable in white light can be captured.
The advanced digital processing and pixel-shift technology applied enables the image
to be captured beyond the limits of standard optical systems.

  • Resolution Chart
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Normal observation

Feature 2-2

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?

Multiple images are captured at different brightness levels,
and high-color gradation data are combined into a single image.
This provides 256 times the information of a normal 8-bit digital image,
which balances out brightness levels and improves contrast.

Low contrast sample

Normal image [8 bits]

HDR [16 bits]

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