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Borescope Lenses VH-B18/B27/B40/B55/B100

View inside of narrow openings
Using the included 90-degree lateral view tube with the borescope, users can switch between a direct view and a lateral view. The five diameters available—ø1.8, ø2.7, ø4.0, ø5.5, and ø10 mm—allow for the most suitable borescope selection according to the application. In addition, with at least twice the brightness of previous models, users can capture sharp images even in the darkest areas or those that require high speeds.

Fiberscopes VH-F61/F111

Designed for imaging inside of complex or hard-to-reach parts
The fiberscope provides access to observe places where conventional lenses cannot be used, such as the inside of a complicated machine, a narrow, bending pipe, or in environments that may be damaging (oil and water) to standard lenses. With the ability to change the angle of the tip of the fiberscope remotely, users are also able to view locations such as structural blind spots.

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