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Low-Magnification Zoom Lens VH-Z00R / Z00W / Z00T

Macro zoom lens
With a range from 0.1× to 50× magnification, a target can be viewed from its entirety down to more in-depth observation. This macro lens excels in workability and performance with click-style magnification adjustment and a working distance of 95 mm or more.

Small, high-performance zoom lens VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T

Versatile lens provides high-resolution imaging with large depth-of-field
The VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T offers high-resolution observation at general-purpose magnifications of 20x to 200x. This lens has been designed to optimize both depth-of-field and resolution and can also be used in handheld mode.

Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z20UR / Z20UW / Z20UT

Optimal illumination at the push of a button
The VH-Z20UR / Z20UW / Z20UT lens provides several different lighting methods, including: brightfield, darkfield, segmented, and differential interference contrast (DIC). With DIC observation, even micron-sized or smaller changes in surface height can be easily observed over a large area.

Long-Working-Distance Zoom Lens VH-Z50L / Z50W / Z50T

50x - 500x magnification with an 85 mm working distance
With its optical design and advanced illumination technology, this lens achieves a maximum magnification of up to 500× and a working distance of 85 mm. Capture even the recessed portions of an object clearly.

Wide-Range Zoom Lens VH-Z100R / Z100W / Z100T

High-resolution lens with a long working distance
This innovative lens was developed to satisfy the need for high-resolution, long working distance, and a large depth-of-field. Provides both brightfield and darkfield illumination.

Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z100UR / Z100UW / Z100UT

Differential interference contrast capability
Brightfield, darkfield, polarization, transmission, and DIC observation can be performed with this lens. DIC observation makes it possible to clearly visualize surface topography of low-contrast and transparent objects.

Dual Light High-Magnification Zoom Lens VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T

Quickly switch between brightfield and darkfield at up to 2,500x
The VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T is equipped with two illumination functions built into the lens, coaxial and ring illumination, eliminating the need to replace the lens and lighting.

High-Resolution Zoom Lens VH-Z500R / Z500W / Z500T

KEYENCE's highest magnification/resolution zoom lens
This zoom lens incorporates high-resolution fluorite optics. With an N.A. of 0.82, achieve up to 5,000x magnification with a 4.4 mm working distance.

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