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Low-Magnification Zoom Lens VH-Z00R / Z00W / Z00T

With a range from 0.1× to 50× magnification, a target can be viewed from its entirety down to more in-depth observation. This macro lens excels in workability and performance with click-style magnification adjustment and a working distance of 95 mm or more.

Feature 1

Macro zoom lens

This lens is designed to offer a wide range of magnification, from 0.1× to 50×.
View a target from its entirety down to more in-depth observation.
In addition,
its large working distance of 95 mm and greater makes it possible to view larger objects without being limited by obstructions.

  • Entire target
  • 50×

Feature 2

Large depth-of-field

Whether an application requires a large depth-of-field or high resolution,
this lens offers the best of both worlds through the use of an adjustable aperture.
Even though the lens is small in size, its able to function as a high-performance zoom lens.

  • Without aperture adjustment
  • With aperture adjustment

Feature 3

Complete removal of strongly-reflected light

Capture a clear image without glare just by attaching a non-reflective illumination ring (optional accessory) to the end of the lens.

Metal surface (20x)

  • Without a non-reflective illumination ring
  • With a non-reflective illumination ring
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