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Small, high-performance zoom lens VH-Z20R / Z20W / Z20T

As our customers' imaging and inspection needs have changed, we have designed our lenses to meet these higher accuracy and resolution requirements. The VH-Z20 Series lens is a high-performance zoom lens, offering high-resolution, large depth-of-field, minimal aberration, and telecentric properties.

Feature 1

Twice the resolution conventional zoom lenses

This lens is the culmination of KEYENCE's many years of microscope expertise and optical technology.
Working together with our digital camera's high pixel count,
users can experience an incredibly clear and accurate image with an unprecedented depth-of-field.

  • Conventional zoom lenses
  • VH-Z20

Feature 2

Depth-of-field at least 20 times larger than conventional optics

Designed to optimize both depth-of-field and resolution, the VH-Z20 captures sharp and focused images,
even of irregularly-shaped or 3D surfaces, with a better depth-of-field than conventional optical microscopes.

  • Drill tip (optical microscope)
  • Drill tip (VH-Z20)

Feature 3

Wide-range zoom lens with 20x - 200x magnification

10x optical zoom
The large magnification range of 20x - 200x makes this a great general purpose lens for inspection and in-depth analysis.

  • CCD (20x)
  • CCD (200x)
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