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Universal Zoom Lens VH-Z20UR / Z20UW / Z20UT

This lens provides several different lighting methods, including: brightfield, darkfield, segmented, and differential interference contrast (DIC). With DIC observation, even micron-sized or smaller changes in surface height can be easily observed over a large area.

Feature 1

Change lighting method with the push of a button

The Triple Illumination Adapter offers three different ways to image an object, eliminating the need for complex lighting adjustments.
Users can simply select which type of lighting they want by pushing a button.

  • Coaxial light
  • Partial ring light
  • Ring light

Feature 2

Visualize sub-micron surface changes over a large area

Using a special optical design that accommodates a differential interference contrast filter,
this lens makes it possible to view surfaces with small irregularities,
a task that is normally difficult to accomplish with optical microscopes.

  • Brightfield
  • Differential interference contrast

Feature 3

High-resolution and large depth-of-field

Besides having a wide variety of lighting methods,
this lens is able to provide both high-resolution and large depth-of-field imaging from 20x - 200x magnification.
Combined with a free-angle stand and advanced microscope features, users can image an object from any angle as well as in 3D.

  • Connector (20×)
  • PCB (40x)
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