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Dual Light High-Magnification Zoom Lens VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T

The VH-Z250R / Z250W / Z250T is equipped with two illumination functions on the lens, coaxial illumination and ring illumination.
Eliminating the need to replace the lens and lighting, this feature also greatly reduces the time required for observation.

Feature 1

Switch between brightfield and darkfield
at magnifications from 250x - 2,500x

The VH-Z250 Series lens is equipped with a built-in lighting mechanism that allows users to switch between brightfield
and darkfield with the push of a button.

IC (500x)

  • Brightfield observation
  • Darkfield observation

Feature 2

Capture beautiful images with dual lighting

Observe both surface scratches and tinting

  • Liquid crystal, brightfield (1000x)
  • Liquid crystal, darkfield (1000x)

Accurately observe even the smallest details

  • Laser ablation, brightfield (1000x)
  • Laser ablation, darkfield (1000x)
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