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High-resolution zoom lens VH-Z500R / Z500W / Z500T

The pinnacle of KEYENCE lens technology, the VH-Z500 series lenses are designed with fluorite lenses to correct for any chromatic aberration. With a toal of 24 lens elements - 13 lenses in 8 groups for the objective section and 11 lenses in 9 groups for the zoom section - optimally combined in an advanced optical design, this lens is able to reduce aberration and distortion to as low as possible.

Feature 1

0.82 numerical aperature (N.A.) with a working distance of 4.4 mm

Utilizing 24 high-quality lenses with advanced polishing technology, this zoom lens significantly reduces optical aberration.
In addition, the use of large-diameter spherical lenses gives it a 4.4 mm working distance,
well-beyond that of standard optics with similar magnification.

  • Hard disk drive head (1500x)
  • CCD (2000x)

Feature 2

10x optical zoom providing 500x - 5,000x magnification

By minimizing optical aberration,
this high-resolution zoom lens is able to achieve a 10x zoom range with minimal distoration throughout
the entire magnification ragne.

  • TFT transistor (500x)
  • TFT transistor (5000x)
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