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18 megapixels × 3CMOS camera

18 megapixels × 3CMOS camera capable
of capturing 50 frames per second

The VHX-5000 is designed for fast all-around operation and processing. Equipped with a CMOS sensor,
the microscope offers at least three times the frame rate of previous systems.
The ability to quickly handle any type of information
- from varying brightness levels to changes in focal points and depth-of-field -
makes it possible for users to capture any image they want.

REMAX V high-performance
graphics engine

REMAX V high-performance graphics engine

The REMAX V graphics card features impressive improvements to image processing power
and is capable of quickly processing up to 50 frames per second worth of information.
The signals received from the sensor are optimized for each color,
which not only significantly improves color reproducibility
but also reduces false colors and interference patterns for a true-to-life representation.

Increased stage speed and vibration resistance

Featuring a new stage with increased travel speed and vibration resistance

Reanalyzing the design from scratch led to the development
of the next generation of stand.
With the ability to mount any lens,
this stand offers twice the vibration resistance compared
with previous models.
Operation in the Z axis reaches speeds of 17 mm per second,
and allows for movement that is 10 times
more accurate than previous models.

TRIPLE'R lens recognition function

Introducing the TRIPLE’R function - automatically recognizes all lens information

The lens type, magnification, and settings for each function are automatically set by the microscope. This makes for both accurate measurements and smoother operation. In addition, functions, such as depth composition, that require advanced digital processing and optimal tuning can be matched to the characteristics of each lens.

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