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Automatic differentiation between surfaces

When evaluating defective and non-defective parts, it can be difficult to determine the differences between them purely based on a visual or tactile examination. Even if there is an obvious difference, how do you quantify and use that value for future product development and analysis?

The VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope is able to measure multiple samples under the same conditions. Then, 42 roughness parameters are automatically calculated, checked for their numerical variances, and the differences are displayed graphically so that they can be easily interpreted.

Surface variations can be visualized even if the user does not have an in-depth knowledge of roughness, making it possible to quickly perform analysis that normally took a long time or required an expert to evaluate.

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“The workpieces look and feel different.”

One-click operation for repeatable and reproducible measurements

When measuring with conventional contact profilers or optical profilers, there is potential for variation in the measurement results between multiple users depending on their skill level or other factors (differences in probe tips, scan speed, measurement location, etc.).

Even with laser microscopes, there are several parameters that need to be adjusted when scanning an object, including the setting of the measurement range, sensitivity of the light-receiving element, and scan pitch, which can lead to discrepancies between users.

With the VK-X Series 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, all of these settings can be done automatically with the click of a button. The AI-SCAN function evaluates the surface of the object and make adjustments to each setting to optimize the data collected. Every user is now able to achieve the same measurement results, regardless of their experience.

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Automatic Measurement with No User-Caused Differences
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