01. 3D Measurement of a Large Area in 4 Seconds

The VR is able to measure across 30 mm in just 4 seconds, with a maximum measurement range of 100 mm x 200 mm. Instead of use a physical probe, the VR utilizes structured lighting to obtain the entire 3D shape of an object. By using telecentric lenses with minimal light distortion, accurate 3D measurements can be made over the entire area.

02. Accurate Measurements Even by New Users

Some users may have issues with measurement locations or data varying between different users, particularly if there are multiple measurements being done. It can also be difficult to accurately determine maximum and minimum locations using a probe tip.

The VR Series eliminates the influence of a user's skill level and the measurement method used, providing highly-consistent and reproducible measurements.

03. Extensive 3D Measurement Tools - Height, Roughness, Radius, and More

The VR Series includes a cross-sectional profile measurement menu with tools for measuring height, width, angle, radius, etc. A large variety of 3D analysis functions such as height difference, area, volume, and roughness are also included.

With the intuitive user interface, all functions only require a few clicks of the mouse, ensuring that measurements can be done quickly and easily.

  • Cross-sectional profile measurement

  • Average height difference measurement

    The average height and maximum height in the selected area on the screen are measured quickly, and users can even view the height differences between multiple areas.

  • Roughness measurement

    Both line and surface roughness measurements can be implemented in accordance with ISO standards. Since the measurement method is non-contact, highly-accurate results can be obtained on soft or fragile materials, such as rubbers or textiles.

[04] Adding Color to 3D Measurements

Red, green, and blue light from a dedicated lighting unit are captured by a new high-accuracy CMOS sensor. Images captured separately with each light color are compiled to create a full color image.

This makes it possible to evaluate both the shape and appearance of an object, enabling more thorough analysis and better decision making.

3D measurement of small parts

[05] XYZ Traceability

Highly-reliable measurement results can be obtained and are traceable according to international standards. An XYZ calibration scale is included with each system so that users can quickly calibrate on-site as needed.