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          About UsEnvironment, Quality, and Safety

          KEYENCE is fulfilling its societal responsibilities, including our responsibility to protect the environment, through our business activities and products.


          Contributing to the Earth's Environment Through Our Products

          KEYENCE products are environmentally friendly. In addition to producing our products according to ISO-14001 with minimized impact on the environment, KEYENCE products help contribute to environmental protection by reducing the environmental burden on our customer's production sites.

          In other words, KEYENCE creates products with high-added-value that use fewer resources and lower amounts of energy. The burden on the environment can also be reduced by improving productivity in the customer's production sites through the use of KEYENCE products.

          The pursuit of higher-added-value is closely related to contributing to the environment.

          Measures for Global Warming

          Reducing CO2 emissions
          Energy savings

          Protecting the Earth's Environment

          Reduction of the use of hazardous substances
          Reduction of emissions

          • Contributing to environmental protection
            through KEYENCE products
          • Reducing the environmental burden of factories

          Helping our customers to
          reduce costs and improve earnings


          PR Series Photoelectric Sensor

          A unique hybrid structure enables shock resistance five times better than conventional products along with an 81% reduction in size. KEYENCE photoelectric sensors are the smallest in their class and provide advanced sensor functionality.


          GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain

          A fully-robust build, complete with shock-resistant mounting brackets helps minimize the need to replace failed parts. In addition to protecting its optical surfaces, the GL-R also uses a "twin bumper" structure to protect its display parts.


          LJ-V Series 2D Laser Displacement Sensor

          These products offer the fastest sampling speed of any 2D laser measuring instrument in the world (at the time of release). It can reliably measure the profile/shape of products at high speed, while reducing variations in measurement results at the same time.


          KEYENCE products serve an important function in continuously supporting the production activities of our customers. For this reason, a very high level of quality is demanded. We provide high-quality products to customers throughout the world to support customer's business activities without interruption. KEYENCE products also improve the productivity of our customer's production sites enabling them to improve their end product.


          IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System

          Conventional challenges on measuring product dimensions can be solved, such as taking significant time for positioning the object, variance of measurement results from person to person, and small number of operators with operational skill.

          Simple “Place-and-Press” operation required for measurement, which is easily completed in a few seconds. Appropriate quality check with high efficiency can be realized.


          MD-X Series 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker

          Hybrid Laser Marker with high peak and high output power, achieving both the quality of sharp marking (from YVO4 laser) and high-speed marking (from fiber laser).
          This product is equipped with newly developed laser cavity to provide precise and fast marking on plastics and metal, which aids in product traceability.

          SR-2000 Series 1D/2D Code Reader

          This product is capable of reading 2D codes on any surface, including plastics and/or metal, which has been hard to read in the past.
          Simple setup and installation can enable stable reading of 1D/2D codes due to the advanced design. In addition, the ability to read codes on high-speed moving objects and an expanded field of view has been achieved.


          KEYENCE provides solutions meant to help improve safety at our customer's production sites. Through this, KEYENCE is engaged in efforts to help reduce the burden of safety and health management. Specifically, KEYENCE develops safety devices that ensure the safety of workers around potentially dangerous machines and robots used at production sites. While working to ensure safety standards are met, these solutions can also help maintain overall productivity.

          SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner

          Safety measures are required in factories, but productivity can also decrease due to those safety measures. The SZ-V Series achieves both safety and productivity through new technologies and innovative ideas.

          Intrusion detection for workers entering hazardous areas

          Collision prevention for automated guided vehicle

          ISO 9001/14001 Certification

          KEYENCE's activities and products have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards by a third-party certification body.

          ISO 9001

          ISO 14001

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