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FREE Portable USB Power Bank [1 in 3] randomly selected winners

*Terms & Conditions:

- This offer is valid to those that complete the survey by April 30, 2017.
- Valid for those within the USA with a valid US mailing address.
- Limited to 1 gift per customer.
- Item color may vary.

- The gift will be sent out while stock lasts.
- Please allow 4 to 6 weeks (after expiration date) for delivery.
- Must enter valid company/business email address.
- 1 in 3 respondents will be randomly selected to receive a gift.
Winners will be notified via email 1 – 2 weeks after survey expiration.

Q1. Does your company measure parts? (required)
Q2. Which of the following measurement tools do you use? (required)
Q3. What is the size of your main product? (required)
Q4. Do you have plans to implement any new measurement technology? (required)
Q5. An instant measurement system has been developed that can measure 99 critical dimensions on up to 100 parts simultaneously in just a few seconds. What level of interest would you have in this measurement system? (required)

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