Customer Voice

Our digital microscope has practical applications in a number of areas: research and development, technology, qualityassurance, manufacturing and also in a wide range of industries: electrical, electronic components, logistics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
A number of clients who are using our digital microscope have been kind enough to take the time to fill in a brief questionnaire. Some of that content is outlined below.

What benefits are gained through the introduction of a digital microscope?

(There were a number of duplicate answers)

A [Analysis efficiencies] A reduction in analysis costs, Improved efficiencies in the inspection process / B [Drop in defective product numbers] A reduction in the product cost, Improve the yield with an increase in accuracy by determining the source of defects / C [Reduction in running costs] Reduction in equipment running cost, Achieve accurate lifecycle maintenance of replacement parts D [Reduction in cost of raw materials] Cost savings, Quickly evaluate changes in raw materials

What impressed you most about the microscope and convinced you to purchase it?

(There were a number of duplicate answers)

1 A large depth-of-field and simple focal adjustment allows for observation of fully-focused images [78%] / 2 The high resolution allows for sharp observation [48%] / 3 Measurements can be carried out directly on screen [43%] / 4 Ability to view topographical changes, even under high magnification [35%] / 5 Easy 2D and 3D observation of a target [33%]