Oversized Status Indicators
The Newest Solutions, Resources and Offers from KEYENCE
[NEW] Safety Interlock Switches
·Oversized Status Indicators
·Quick Installation
·Relays Eliminated
Solving Measurement and Analysis Issues You Have Given Up On
This guide introduces examples of solutions to problems that plague conventional devices. It is a must read for anyone currently using profilometers, microscopes, or SEMs.
[NEW] Groundbreaking product!
Detect height differences even if your target rotates or tilts! The perfect complement to the IV vision sensor for all OK vs NG applications!
Barcode Readers in the Automotive Industry
KEYENCE code readers improve workability, increase quality, and reduce costs for many processes in the automotive industry.
Why Are You Spending Hours Programming a CMM?
Traditional CMMs require operators with expertise and can take hours to program. The XM can be operated by anyone in your shop and can be programmed in a matter of minutes.
Full Traceability Solutions for your Inkjet Coder
·Want to prevent the release of products with printing problems?
·Want to prevent incorrect data from being printed on products?

This guide introduces tips and tricks for solving these problems and more.
Non-contact Measurement Solutions
Top reasons customers are switching to non-contact measurement:
·100% Inspection
·Reduce Cycle Time
·Eliminate Operator Error
Just Teach Your Vision System What a Good Part Is!
It's really that easy with "Auto-Teach." See how reliable inspection can be performed by simply running good parts. No complicated programming required!
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Push-Button Measurement
Resin Marking Applications Using Lasers
Improved Weld Quality with Automated Inspection
The Latest Automation Examples Using Vision Systems
4 Microscopes in a Single System!
Curtains Built to Last
Advanced Tips for Vision Sensor Stability
Complete Guide to Barcode Reading Solutions
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