Fiber optic sensors designed for:Power/Precision/Performance
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Simple & Reliable Sensing
Fiber optic sensors designed for:
Sheet, Film, and Glass Thickness Measurement
Do you use calipers, micrometers, and contact sensors for thickness measurements? Read this guide for information on our NEW in-line thickness sensor.
Ready. Set. Go!
The AI Series is a powerful yet simple sensor. This image based photo eye is ready to use right out of the box. With only two buttons, you can reliably detect presence/absence anywhere within a field of view!
Off-line, Instant Measurement
Upgrade your QA process with this off-line, instant measurement system. Place a part, push one button and receive 100 dimensional features in seconds.
Easy-to-Use Optical Profiler
Automatic operation allows any user to capture 3D surface data in one second. Quickly and accurately measure parts that traditional contact-based systems struggle with.
A Guide to Successful Inkjet Printing Applications
Inkjet printers can print directly on your products at high speeds from any direction or orientation, making installation painless. This guide outlines a wide variety of inkjet printing applications.
Multi-Spectrum Vision System Solves Inspection Problems
One solution for all front-lit vision inspections. Automatic image capture with visible and non-visible light for stable results, regardless of color, low-contrast, glare, or product variability.
Kaizen Examples for Code Reading in the Automotive Industry
This collection of barcode reader applications will help guide you to obtaining greater efficiency and labor savings at your facility.
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