The AI algorithm in the [NEW] IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates downtime due to problems such as:
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[NEW] Vision Sensor Powered by AI
The AI algorithm in the [NEW] IV2 Series vision sensor eliminates downtime due to problems such as:
·Changing ambient light
·Differences between product lots
·Oil and other changes to surface conditions
Download the brochure to learn how the IV2 will increase detection stability at your site!
Vision Systems Decrease Labor and Increase Efficiency
Vision systems serve a major role in labor reduction, production efficiency, and preventing the shipment of defective products. As the need for high accuracy and quality inspection in manufacturing increases, KEYENCE vision systems have evolved to meet those needs.
Double the Accuracy, Half the Size
Measure any material or shape with high accuracy and stability using this compact displacement sensor. Typical in-process measurements include:
All Purpose Color Sensor
Stable Detection of:
·Color Shade Change
·Texture Change
·Registration Marks
Improving Logistics Efficiency with Code Reading
With the increase in consumer shipping, the need to improve logistics efficiency is also increasing. Use this guide to learn about factory logistics and material handling and how the SR-2000 can help maximize operations.
Update on the Latest Microscope Technology
We just released the first 4K digital microscope that is a fully automatic XYZ system. In addition to features like adaptive lighting and focusing, large depth-of-field, and multi-angle observation from the previous generation, the VHX-7000 adds in-demand features such as high NA lenses (up to 0.9) and automated inspection.
[New] Laser Marker Applications: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
As trends in the automotive industry rapidly shift towards electric vehicles, the products and applications that require laser marking are also changing. Check out this guide to learn more!
Increased Inspection Capability: IM-7500
New software upgrade makes the IM-7500, Instant Measurement System, more capable than ever before. 99 Dimensions, 3 Seconds, Limitless Application.
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Capture Full Surface Data in One Second
Replace your Barcode Readers and Scanners
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