Perform 100% measurement and inspection.
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[New Product] 3D/2D Laser Profiler
Perform 100% measurement and inspection.
The LJ-X8000 delivers a laser profiler with improved performance and flexible configurations (options for 3D, 2D, or profile data). Complete any inspection with:
4X more resolution
Enhanced imaging
Simplified set up
Substitute your Hand Tools with a Handheld CMM
The XM is a handheld CMM that anyone can use to easily take 3D/GD&T measurements while automatically creating inspection reports.
Basic Practice of 2D Codes!
Check out the Basic Practice for 2D Codes series, the most downloaded barcode related material from KEYENCE, to see what you may be missing out on when it comes to 2D codes.
Analyze your 3D Surface in One Second
This guide introduces the advantages of non-contact 3D analysis using surface scanning that creates a 3D map of your part in just one second.
Worksite Improvements at the Touch of a Part
Stable displacement measurements are possible with a low-cost contact sensor!
1. Target height detection
2. Device position detection
3. Installation in compact spaces
See this guide for examples of worksite improvements.
Helpful Tips for Stable Laser Measurements
This guide contains helpful tips and tricks that will allow for simple and stable sensor installation. Furthermore, KEYENCE's rich product lineup provides support for all types of improvements!
[New Product] Simultaneous 2D and 3D Vision Inspections
KEYENCE is proud to introduce a vision system that changes inline inspections!
The addition of height data to 2D inspection has enabled inspections without influence from target surface conditions or contrast, resulting in dramatically improved inspection stability.
White ink vs. Black ink CIJ Printer.
Which One's Better?
White ink can be used to mark high contrast codes on dark colored parts. This guide explains the differences between black and white CIJ printers, application examples, and other useful information.
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[NEW] Software Update: Optical Inspection System
Interested In Reducing Cost While Improving Quality?
New Guide With Laser Marking Equipment Examples!
Latest Update on Microscopes
Increase Throughput with Non-Contact Measurement
New Handheld Technology
Laser Microscopy Basics
A Solution To Conventional CMM Obstacles
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