What Causes Static Electricity and How is it Prevented?
Dry, winter air intensifies static generation; learn more about the process of contact charging and effective countermeasures.
Acquire a Thorough Understanding of Laser Marker Know-How!
Download the entire laser tech brief series! From the characteristics of laser wavelengths, to scanning principles—this set of educational materials will allow you to acquire a thorough understanding of laser marking fundamentals.
Instant Measurement! Just Place and Press for Precise Dimensional Measurement
Now available - A complete product line, choose from three different models.
Having Trouble with Sensors Breaking?
An extremely durable metal housing combined with a high-power LED make the PR-G series suitable for even the harshest environments.
Measure 3D Form & Roughness with the Click of a Button
New technology quickly scans and measures entire surfaces in 3D with sub-micron resolution.
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