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Newsletter 2014

March 17, 2014

Subject :

[New Product] Notice on the Release of the CV-X200 Series 21 Megapixel Camera Compatible Image Processing Sensor

New Product: CV-X200 Series Machine Vision System
Supports connection with 21 megapixel cameras and new image preprocessing filters.
New All-Purpose Laser Sensor! Versatile, Durable, and Powerful!
Powerful time of flight technology ensures superior detection stability regardless of target surface, color, or shape. Difficult applications now made easy with the LR-T's adaptable and innovative features.
3-in-1 Laser Microscope - Application Examples and Technology Comparison
See actual examples of how the latest technology for surface roughness and profile measurement applies to key industries.
Learn How to Usefully Implement 1D & 2D Code Readers
Communication programming is simple with the built-in features of the SR series code readers.
Collection of Latest Non-Contact Measurement Examples for Your Industry
See the latest hit applications in cutting-edge processes utilizing the latest technologies.

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