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Newsletter 2014

April 14, 2014

Subject :

GL-R: Innovative Machine Safety & Industrial Automation Solutions

Now Offering both Heavy-Duty and Space-Saving Models!
The GL safety light curtain series provides unmatched versatility, functionality, and durability.
Poka-Yoke Methods: A Guide to the Vision Sensor
The IV series vision sensor is simple to set up and provides stable detection of part presence, orientation, and shape in order to prevent mistakes.
Performing Height or Clearance Inspection?
Height and clearance application guides teach you latest methods and technologies.
[New Product] Introducing the 21 Mega-Pixel Camera
There's no substitution for resolution!
Measure Form, Contour, Height, and Angle in as Little as Four Seconds
New compact device integrates non-contact profilometer and CMM capabilities.

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