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Newsletter 2014

November 04, 2014

Subject :

Cutting-Edge Sensor Tech & Other Mfg Process Solutions

Is Sensor Repeatability an Issue?
The LR series combines simplicity with the repeatability now required for an ever-changing production environment.
These Guides Aid in Selecting the Best Non-contact Measurement Sensor For Your Application.
Unsure about the best methods for performing measurements such as outer diameter, step height, or shape comparison?
This website will walk you through the best methods for performing a variety of measurements using non-contact measurement sensors.
  • What's the most efficient way to use these sensors?
  • Does KEYENCE have experience using these measurement methods?
For answers to these questions and more, visit this website.

Thickness, Width   Height, Step Difference
Inner, Outer Diameter   Vibration, Eccentricity
Positioning, Position Control   Warpage, Bow, Flatness
Profile   Gap, Clearance
Our Image Dimension Measurement System Leads to Improvements in Customer Confidence!
This collection of actual examples of installation results provides improvements to your customers' confidence in your products & can lead directly to expansions to your company's business.
Key Imaging Technology for Medical Device Companies for R&D and Quality Improvement
See how top medical device companies use new digital microscope technology to improve and develop their products, with over 30 examples from stent, catheter, needle, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
KAIZEN: Advantages of Using Vision Systems to Improve the Inspection Process
This guide introduces the concepts to easily use vision systems to enable data collection, traceability, and other ways to monitor & analyze the inspection process that are not possible with when performed by human inspection. Production rates and product quality can be drastically improved as well as optimizing the production process itself in real-time based on trends with the collected data.
NEW Ultra-compact 1D and 2D Code Reader with Improved Reading Algorithms
The new SR-700 is equipped with an advanced reading algorithm yet is enclosed in an ultra-compact body, allowing it to solve a large variety of difficult applications. Due to its advanced processing abilities, it can accurately read codes that are dirty, tilted, or move at high speeds.
Reflective Sensors Failing to Perform? Solve Difficult Applications Easily with This Vision Sensor!
Because the IV images the whole surface of the target, it can easily solve the following problems which are common among reflective sensors.
  • Unstable detections due to position misalignment
  • Unstable detections due to variable work piece orientation
  • Inability to perform simultaneous detections in multiple locations
  • Bothersome sensor adjustments during retooling
Questions & Answers about Laser Markers
Do You Know "How a Laser Marker Works?"

Technical E-news

Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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