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          Newsletter 2014

          November 18, 2014

          Subject :

          Technical Process Guides For The Latest Measurement Techniques

          【NEW】 Inspection Method and Measurement Technology Studies
          This is the second installment of our popular technical guide series, containing examples of non-contact inspections and detailed explanations of the latest features and technologies. Each document covers a different manufacturing process. Following the last installment which covered Completed Vehicle Bodies, Tires, and Bearings, these new guides go over Cables and Fibers, Batteries, and Film, Sheet and Web Processing. Download now!
          Our Image Dimension Measurement System Reduces Production Costs!
          Why does reviewing pre-shipment inspections lead to a reduction in production costs? This document uses actual examples to provide an easy-to-understand explanation. For managers, individuals working in quality assurance, individuals working in production departments, and anyone who wants to reduce production costs. This is a must-see collection of actual examples!
          What Causes Static Electricity and How Can You Prevent It?
          Expand your understanding of static electricity so that you can knock it out at the source. Knowledge is your best tool in the prevention of static build-up. Topics include the principles of static electricity and charging mechanisms, characteristics of static, measurement methods, and quick countermeasures.
          Laser Marking for Traceability and Quality Assurance
          In many industries including automotive, traceability systems have been built using electronic devices from many different suppliers. KEYENCE provides total systems that can easily implement traceability by covering all the steps from marking to reading and verification. Take a look at the latest examples of these quality assurance systems by downloading our new Traceability Brochure.
          [New Product] 3D Measurement Microscope Automatically Analyzes Critical Surface Parameter Differences
          New non-contact 3D microscope not only collects profile and roughness data, but will automatically determine surface parameters that differentiate multiple samples.
          Check Out Our Pneumatic Pressure Transducer Lineup
          The AP Series can tackle any pressure application, whether it be vacuum or positive pressure (-29.9 inchHg to 145 psi). Featuring a highly visible display and simple setup, the AP provides an easy solution for all your pressure needs.
          Vision Library: Image Processing Downloads are Now Available!
          Study the basics in the "Vision Academy."
          Learn about the history with the "Vision History."
          Use the document "Vision Image Tips" to find out about specially selected techniques.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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