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          Newsletter 2015

          January 13, 2015

          Subject :

          Place and Press to Perform 99 Dimensional Measurements Instantly!

          Fully Automatic - Just Place and Press to Perform 99 Dimensional Measurements Instantly!
          A dimension measurement system that anyone can use easily without difficult settings. We hope that you will take a look at the catalog for detailed applications and technological information. This is a must-read for anyone who is using optical comparators and measuring microscopes and for anyone who is concerned about the difficult settings required of devices such as CNCs.
          Making the Impossible Possible! Inline 3D Inspections
          The measurement data of the LJ-V Series, high-speed laser profile can be imported into a KEYENCE machine vision system to perform stable 3D inspections. See how combining two proven technologies has been solving difficult inspection problems world-wide.
          "Map" a Custom Safety Zone with a Single Click
          The SZ Safety Laser Scanner has a 100% customizable zone that will conform to any machine. Whether horizontal or vertical, the SZ was designed to guard the toughest hazards.
          Best Practices for Bow, Flatness and Profile Measurement
          A variety of measurement methods can be used for different targets. What are the optimum measuring instruments and measuring methods to use? We hope that you will download these guides for learning about measurement methods and principles and our catalog of the world's fastest laser profiler.
          Identifying Defects in Molded Parts Using New 3D Technology
          Learn how our 3D Measuring Macroscope solves common issues (weld lines, sink marks, and burrs) in molded parts.
          NEW Innovative Code Reader Achieves Successful Reads over a Meter Away
          Say goodbye to different models and lenses; The SR-1000 Series of 1D and 2D code readers is able to achieve nearly a meter of reading range with a single model.

          NEW Compact 1D and 2D Code Reader with Updated Processing Algorithms
          The SR-700 offers advanced image capturing abilities along with powerful decoding mechanics all contained in a compact body.
          Learn About Our Robust and Highly Accurate Digital Contact Sensor!
          MUST READ for anyone who uses contact sensors. Explore the GT2-P – achieving micron accuracy in rugged environments with its IP-67G rating and 100 million cycle durability.
          Questions & Answers about Laser Markers
          Do You Know "How a Laser Marker Works?"

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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